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Film with Charles Boyer, Danielle Darrieux. Music by Honegger. French, English subtitles. (1937). 93m. B&W.

Poignant. Haunts you. The film that made Boyer a star.

“Through Anatole Litvak’s superb assembling of scenes and through the matchless performances of Charles Boyer as Rudolph and the unbelievably lovely Danielle Darrieux as the Vetsera, we are carried breathlessly along an emotional millrace, exalted and made abject as the dramatist directed. It is impossible to remain aloof, to regard the romance dispassionately. There is no resisting the fire that players, writer and director have struck from the screen. It is a love story–completely and beautifully a love story.

“And so from France has come another great photoplay, superbly produced, poetically written and faultlessly played. Miss Darrieux has a cameo-like perfection of feature and a limpid serenity of manner which make her portrayal of the tragic young Baroness one of the hauntingly charming performances of the year. Mr. Boyer has never been better.” –Frank S. Nugent, The New York Times, Sept. 14, 1937