Heart’s Desire & Forbidden Music


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Tauber, Napier. Carmen + many songs, including some by Tauber and “Aus den östlichen Rosen” and “Widmung” by Schumann. (1935). English. 79m. B&W + Forbidden Music (a k a Land Without Music) Tauber, Napier, Durante. Songs. (1936). 64m., English. B&W.

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Tauber was never in better voice than in Heart’s Desire.Stefan Zucker

Michael Tanner, reviewing in Classic CD

“Tauber is great in Heart’s Desire and Forbidden Music, a double bill including songs by Tauber himself; the celebrated Jimmy Durante also stars. Tauber’s voice is one of the most addictive I know and fortunately there is a huge number of discs of him, as well as these winning films.” Rated 4 Stars out of a possible 5

Richard Tauber (1891-1948) made his debut in 1913. He was the major tenor star of central Europe in his day and the most popular operetta tenor of all time. Along with McCormack he was the most prolifically recorded tenor of the 78rpm era.

Diana Napier (1908-82) appeared in 25 British films, from 1925-50, including The Private Life of Henry VIII and Catherine the Great. She achieved minor stardom only in three films with her husband, Richard Tauber: Heart’s Desire and Forbidden Music, plus Pagliacci (available through our full catalog).

Also in Heart’s Desire:

Leonora Corbett (1907-60) was a stage actress who appeared in 17 films, from 1932-40.

Paul Graetz (1891-1937) was a German character actor in films from 1923-37, including Jew Suess and Blossom Time (with Tauber;). He specialized in lovable-papa roles.

Frank Voster (1899-1937) was a stage star and playwright who appeared in 17 films, from 1926-36, including Waltzes from Vienna, Jew Suess, Rome Express and Hitchcock’s first version of The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Also in Forbidden Music:

June Clyde (1909-87), daughter of Scottish-American comedian Andy Clyde, appeared in dozens of Hollywood films, from 1929-57, also in three British films in the 30s.

Derrick de Marney (1906-78), brother of actor Terence de Marney, was the leading man of dozens of films, from 1928-66, including Things To Come, Victoria the Great, Hitchcock’s Young and Innocent as well as Sixty Glorious Years.

Jimmy Durante (1893-1980) was a major American comedian and musical entertainer from the early teens through the early 70s as well as a star of revues and Broadway musicals. He also was a radio and TV star and, from 1929-63, made over 40 films, including two with Melchior.–Joe Pearce, President of The Vocal Record Collector’s Society