Corelli’s Comeback in 1981


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With Zeani and Ferruccio Tagliavini. Aïda, Werther, Arlesiana, songs. 37m. Packaged in a black sleeve. Color.

Reviewing the event in Opera, Robert Connolly stated, “Zeani is gifted with great personal beauty, a ravishing tone quality and the virtually extinct ability to stir an audience to a frenzy.” (The last few seconds of “Ritorna vincitor” are missing.) Of Tagliavini he wrote, “[He] was indisposed…[but] the distinctive timbre and star presence were intact.” Concluding, Connolly declared, “Corelli still produces the biggest, most vibrant and most exciting tenor sound today.” The event was videotaped with a single camera probably hand-held by someone in the first row of the orchestra but is in good quality for material of this nature. The singers’ personalities come through vividly and the sound is undistorted. (Incidentally, all three singers made multiple appearances on the radio program “Opera Fanatic.” )