Corelli at His Zenith

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Cavalleria plus songs. 17m. Packaged in a black sleeve. B&W/Color.

Live! Corelli’s favorite among his videos. Combines the excitement of Video #91 and thrilling high notes. Much of the time the camera is focused on his mouth and throat, so you can see his controversial “laryngeal technique” in action. Nineteenth-century voice teachers such as the two Lampertis, when they spoke about the larynx at all, maintained that it seldom should change position; Corelli, however, manipulates the position of his almost continuously.
After watching this tape, you’ll know why listeners to “Opera Fanatic” voted Corelli Favorite Tenor of the Century.–Stefan Zucker

“This tape made the hair on my arms stand up. I’ve watched it four times. Each time I see it I get more out of it.”–Corelli fanatic Cantor Robert Bloch, New York, NY