Carreras & Ricciarelli in Concert


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Bruno Amaducci, cond. Corsaro, Poliuto, Adriana, Wally, Arlesiana, Cid, Aïda, Traviata plus Giorno and Pasquale overtures. (1984). 66m. Color.

Carreras still has his boyish charm, and his voice still has much of its bloom. In the Aïda duet he even sings mezza voce on a high B-flat. Ricciarelli gives a lovely, musicianly performance, with rounded tones and radiant pianissimos. The concert is sensitively taped with many cameras.–Stefan Zucker

Carreras and Ricciarelli became lovers after a Parma performance of Bohème on January 19, 1972 (pictured here). They met when he showed up at the first rehearsal with a beard. She teased him. He shaved. She melted. They remained lovers for 13 years and sang many performances together–among them this concert, warmed by their love.–SZ