La Fanciulla del West (Olivero, Barioni)

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Olivero, Daniele Barioni, Guelfi, Zecchillo, Maddalena; De Fabritiis. Corrado Mirandola, Maestro del Coro; Carlo Maestrini, Regista, February 20, 1967; Orchestra e Coro del Teatro La Fenice, Venice. 20-p. booklet enclosed with Olivero interview. CD version includes 2 CDs.

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Olivero on the Fanciulla Card Game
The card game in Fanciulla is one of the most elegant scenes ever written because Puccini does it with nothing. There’s only that tan-tan-tan in the orchestra, which is Minnie’s heart beating furiously. She has to find the way to trick Rance and win Johnson. When she cries for water, Rance turns his back. At that moment she raises her skirt, pulls three cards out of her stocking and substitutes them. Rance comes back and says, “Here’s your water.” She cries, “No, I don’t feel faint because I’m ill. I’m faint with joy because I’ve won! Three aces and a pair!” She places them in front of him. He puts on his hat, says “Buona sera!” and leaves–a stupendous scene. And done with nothing.

The above remarks are from the outtakes to Opera Fanatic: Stefan and the Divas.

Read more of the interview here.

La fanciulla del West
Opera in tre atti di Guelfo Civinini e Carlo Zangarini dal dramma di David Belasco
February 20, 1967; Orchestra e Coro del Teatro La Fenice, Venice.

Oliviero De Fabritiis, conductor.
Corrado Mirandola, Maestro del Coro.
Carlo Maestrini, Regista

Minnie    Magda Olivero
Dick Johnson    Daniele Barioni
Jack Rance    Giangiacomo Guelfi
Sonora    Giuseppe Zecchillo
Jake Wallace    Alessandro Maddalena
Nick    Mario Guggia
Ashby    Angelo Nosotti
Trin    Vittorio Pandano
Sid    Bruno Tessari
Bello    Bruno Grella
Harry    Augusto Pedroni
Joe    Mario Carlin
Happy    Gianni Socci
Larkens    Francesco Signo
Billy Jackrabbit    Uberto Scaglione
Wowkle    Annalia Bazzani
José Castro    Franco Federici
Un postiglione    Augusto Veronese


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