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Press Release – 6th April 2021

The Bel Canto Society Sets Management Accord with the Italian Academy Foundation, Inc.

Society will benefit from IAF’s management and resources serving opera audiences across the world


Greenwich CT … April 6th 2021…. The legendary Bel Canto Society (BCS) founded by Stefan Zucker in 1968 to sustain the art of operatic performance and to promote interest in the great traditions of vocal interpretation and style will enter a new phase as it signs a management agreement with the Italian Academy Foundation, Inc., founded 1947 to preserve and advance Italian realities and culture in the United States through its long-standing agenda of cultural diplomacy.  The two non profits will remain independent, with BCS ( gaining the advantage of the extensive resources of The Italian Academy for the enhanced use of BCS’s programs, books, CD’s, DVD’s and for the production of exquisite opera related materials. The Italian Academy Foundation’s Chairman, Comm. Stefano Acunto, will serve as President of the BCS ex officio; Ms. Rebecca McLean ( has been named Executive Director of BCS and will oversee operations in the Society’s various locations. The Bel Canto Society’s Council members will continue to serve in an advisory capacity to the BCS; they include Dr. Moyses Szkio (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Roman Ostrowski MD. (New York), Ms. Claudia Palmira (Rome), Mr. Steve Acunto, Jr. (Princeton) and Ms. Deborah Hamilton (Greenwich), the latter three appointees serving ex officio from the Board of the Italian Academy Foundation, Inc.


According to Mr. Zucker: “This timely accord will ensure our continued service to opera lovers, scholars, and students across the world. Our amazing catalogue of rarities and gems from the history of the art form, featuring great names like Corelli, Gigli, Del Monaco, Callas, Carreras, Schmidt, Bjorling, Gobbi, Araiza, and many others as well as controversial topics and instructional literature and films, will now have expanded exposure and audiences. We are delighted at this generous and forward-looking arrangement”.


“This is good news we believe for aficionados and students of the art form and for the Society itself which, over the past year in particular, has labored to “stay afloat” amidst the general pandemic related slowdowns”, observed Mr. Acunto, who noted the Society’s gratitude for the many generous contributions that supplemented the personal contributions made by Stefan Zucker to ensure the vitality of BCS today, and the leadership’s justified optimism for its future.


BCS’s business offices have relocated officially to Greenwich CT and use PO Box 1010, Greenwich, CT 06836. For further information, call 212 808 5500 ext. 111. Visit – and go shopping –