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  • José Soler and the differences between heroic and dramatic tenors
  • Fernando Corena and the differences between the two kinds of basso buffo, nobile and caricato
  • The history of vibrato in singing
  • Franco Corelli: the missing years
  • Mario Del Monaco and his rivalry with Corelli
  • Jerome Hines
  • Francisco Araiza
  • Robert Merrill
  • Sherrill Milnes
  • Composers Valentino and Vincenzo Fioravanti
  • Composer Saverio Mercadante
  • Composer Giovanni Pacini
  • Composers Federico and Luigi Ricci
  • Composer Nicola Vaccai
  • Music in the Third Reich
  • Wilhelm Furtwängler’s collaboration with the Nazis
  • Underground Opera in New York City: The singers in small companies

Some sample newsletters:
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La Fanciulla Del West (Magda Olivero Interview)
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Franco Corelli in Concert
Del Monaco in Chénier
Tenor Francisco Araiza

DVD offers featuring Callas, Caniglia, Corelli, Del Monaco, Gigli, Gobbi, Mancini, Grace Moore, Joseph Schmidt, Schipa, Tauber, Valletti and many others

Four popular DVD titles recently recommended are:

  • Carnegie Hall, with Heifetz, Peerce, Pinza, Pons, Reiner, Rodzinski, Rostropovich, Rubinstein, Risë Stevens, Stokowski and Bruno Walter
  • The Dybbuk, with Gerszon Sirota
  • Moonlight Sonata, with Paderewski
  • Great Conductors of the Third Reich: Art in the Service of Evil, with Blech, Böhm, Furtwängler, Karajan, Knappertsbusch, Krauss, Schillings, also Hitler, Goebbels, Berger, Ralf, Rode and Rosvaenge

CD offers featuring Barbieri, Bastianini, Björling, Cerquetti, Christoff, Cigna, Corelli, Del Monaco, Stella and Tebaldi and Rossini’s Rivals: Music by Then-Famous, Now-Obscure, Italian Composers

News of free Webcasts: currently available on our site are interviews with Araiza, Bergonzi, Corelli and Hines, also two complete recordings of Il trovatore, starring rival tenors Merli and Pertile, with Scacciati, Minghini Cattaneo and Granforte

Poster offers featuring Callas, Corelli, also old Italian opera posters