DVD and VHS Formats


The all-region (Region 0) DVDs will play on all DVD players worldwide.

Region 1 DVDs also play on DVD players worldwide. There are some exceptions, however. A customer from the U.K. (which is Region 2, PAL), with a Philips DVP520, was unable to play one of our Region 1 DVDs. Studies published on the Internet maintain that better than 90% of all non-North American DVD players are compatible with Region 1 discs. We ourselves have received only the one complaint of incompatibility, however.

DVD Players in Australia You legally cannot buy a DVD player in Australia that will not play Region 1 discs. Australia declared region coding contrary to the best interests of the consumer. Players there either have to be region free or include instructions to make them so.


NTSC VHS is the video format used in North America, Central America, Japan, South Korea, and to a degree in South America. If you live elsewhere, your VCR may use PAL VHS.

A List of countries and the formats they use is below.

The following localities use NTSC VHS, the standard in Central and North America and Japan.

The following localities use PAL VHS: