Audio/Video Clip Questions

Questions about our sample audio clips

Q: I can’t play them. Why?
A: Our audio clips use “Flash Player” available here.

Q: Does “Flash Player” cost anything?
A: No. It is free.


Questions about our sample video clips?

Q: I can’t view the clips! What am I doing wrong?
A: Viewing the clips requires QuickTime. You can get it here. It is both Mac and PC (Windows 2000/XP/Vista) compatible.

Q: Does the QuickTime download cost money?
A: No. QuickTime is free (as of this writing the free download link is on the left-hand side of the download page; you need not supply an email address to download it). If one wants extra features one may upgrade to the “Pro” version.

Q: Why does the clip take so long to load?
A: Many things can affect this. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the proximity to our actual data-server, our clips could take a while to load. Keep an eye on the “progress bar,” and when it has downloaded completely (the entire bar is dark gray–see below), hit the play playbutton. We have chosen to use larger file-sizes, to represent more properly the high quality of our audio and video.

Q: What is a Progress Bar?
A: This:

It is where the red arrow indicates on the window below.

Q: Why does the clip stop and start erratically?
A: Probably because your computer has not allowed it to load completely. Wait for the progress bar to fill in with dark gray,
and then hit the start button. It is also possible, if you are on an older machine, that you might not have the processing power to decode the clips fast enough.

Q: Is what is on your clips all that is on the DVD?
A: Of course not. Our clips only show a small representative section of what is on the DVD.

Q: Why didn’t you use some format other than QuickTime?
A: We chose QuickTime because it offered the highest quality at the smallest file-size. Even so, our clips’ file-sizes are not small and may take a while to load.

Q: Is the DVD image this small?
A: Of course not. This is just a representation of what you will see. The DVD has much higher visual and sound quality.

Q: I loaded the clip and stopped it; now it won’t play. What happened?
A: A truncated file was stored in your browser’s “cache.” You will have to empty your cache (procedure varies from browser to browser; Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox are browsers). Most of the time, however, quitting and restarting your browser and re-opening the clip will solve the problem.

Q: What is QuickTime?
A: QuickTime is a multimedia architecture developed by Apple but available for any computer platform. You can get it here.